Nutritional Values and Health

Studies have been concluded in Hacettepe University about the importance of hazelnut with regard to nutritional content and about its effects on cholesterol and serum lipids that lead to coronary diseases.
Studies about the nutritional value and health benefits of hazelnut performed by a scientific committee composed of research assistants from University of Lincolnshire in England, Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada, Tokyo University of Fisheries in Japan, and University of Florida in the USA have been completed and the results are included in the table attached.
These studies were published in "Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry” which is an international scientific publication and in "Journal of Food Science” magazine.
1- Turkish Fat Hazelnut ( Corylus avellana L.). 1. Composition and Nutritional Values

2- Turkish Fat Hazelnut ( Corylus avellana L.). 2. Fat Characteristics and Oxidation Stability

3- Comparison of Volatile Gas Compounds and Aromas of Natural and Roasted Turkish Fat Hazelnuts ( Corylus avellana L.) using DHA/GC/MS and Description Sensory Analysis Methods

4- Comparison of Five Types of Turkish Hazelnut using Descriptive Sensory Analysis, Electronic Nose and DHA/GC- MS Methods

The study about "Phyto-chemical Substances in Hazelnut” performed by Prof. Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi from New Foundland University was completed in June 2004. A summary has been attached for the study which demonstrated that fat hazelnut and its by-products can play a very important role in the improvement of human health and the prevention of diseases.