General Promotion Activities

A video film was produced in 1997 to give information such as hazelnut production , processing plants and health benefits and its English, German, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish versions other than the Turkish version were used in the promotional activities abroad.


Following the above effort that was performed as the first activity of FTG, a promotional film was prepared in 2001 in Turkish, English, Japanese and Chinese languages and in video and CD format to describe all phases from the harvest of hazelnut to the presentation to consumers and to reveal the current modern status that the domestic hazelnut processing industry has reached, supplemented by a promotional CD issued in 2002 to include films, photographs, animations, voices and texts about hazelnut as well as statistical data and applicable hazelnut standards. Hazelnut friends who wish to obtain this product should send an e-mail to ftg@hnutexp.org address in order to receive it.


In order to increase domestic hazelnut consumption, commercials were broadcast and announcements were made in television, cinemas and radios during February-May 1999, November 1999-February 2000 and December 2000-March 2001 periods, and advertisements were posted in magazines, on billboards, rackets and megaboards to carry out advertising and promotion campaigns that emphasise the health benefits of hazelnut. Researches made after these efforts revealed that there was a 30% increase in domestic consumption particularly following the "Aganigi” commercial that was unforgettable for the Turkish public.


A project about "Meals containing Hazelnut" was implemented in 2001, within the scope of which "Forgotten and Unknown Hazelnut Recipes" contest was held on February 1 st 2002 in Giresun and "Let us Cook the Most Delicious Meals with Hazelnut" contest was held on March 2 nd 2002 in Izmir and April 1 st 2002 in Istanbul.


The other contests of the p roject, namely "Creating New Meals with Hazelnut" and the international "Global Tastes with Hazelnut" were completed in 2002 and a cookbook named "Global Tastes with Hazelnut” was published using the participating recipes. Having being published in English and Turkish with the name "Prestige Book” and in Turkish with the name "Ev Tipi Kitabi (Home Type Book)” in July 2003, the book has been used for domestic and foreign promotional activities.


In the activities organised in 2002 for the National Sovereignty and Children's Festival on April 23 rd, children from Turkey and all over the world were given packages of hazelnut as a present.

In the activities organised in 2002 for the National Sovereignty and Children's Festival on April 23 rd, children from Turkey and all over the world were given packages of hazelnut as a present.


We were the sponsor for and participated with an info stand in the conference held in Istanbul Swiss Hotel on June 26 th 2003 by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Öz, Columbia-Cornell University & New York Presbyterian Hospital Coronary, Vein and Breast Surgery Department Head, who has been encouraging people to regularly consume hazelnut for a healthy life. 

Within the scope of the project that has been jointly implemented by Turkish Airlines (THY) and FTG since November 2003, roasted hazelnuts provided by FTG are being given as a treat in all THY flights and hazelnut promotions are continuing with the Skylife journal supplied to the passengers in THY flights and the airshow and video film presentations made through the on-board screens.

In order to increase domestic hazelnut consumption, domestic advertising and promotional activities were started in 2005-2006 period using means of communication such as TV, papers, magazines, cinema, internet, rackets/bus-stops. "Aganigi 2 - Teaser” short film was broadcast as a television commercial in many national channels s tarting from 22/12/2005 , and "Aganigi 2 - Findigi Buldu” commercial was broadcast from 27/12/2005. In parallel with TV commercials, full page FTG advertisements are published in a large number of magazines and there are also advertisements in rackets/bus-stops in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.